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Highest citation and best paper for unusual trio

Published Mar 10, 2021

Three ITM Professors from two different departments form the team behind JMS Best Paper Award for 2020 – celebrating the highest citations during five years. The cooperation is a little unusual, but is getting more common at ITM.

Lihui Wang  and Mauro Onori  from the Department of Production Engineering (IIP) and Martin Törngren , Machine Design (MMK), joined forces 2015 as co-authors for the paper ‘Current status and advancement of cyber-physical systems in manufacturing’ . During the past five years this is the paper that has received the highest citations measured in Scopus.

Congratulations Mauro Onori, one of the authors, what’s the recipe for getting this highly cited, do you think?

”The topic is becoming increasingly important and the paper attempted to structure the topic and focus on some important aspects to consider. The article also gave real-world examples, which is quite rare. I think that the fact that three known authors were collaborating also gave it some weight.”

Is it common to co-publish over the "department borders”?

”It has been very unusual but I believe this is changing due to the , more inter-disciplinary senior researchers, and the strategic research area  (excellence in production research). This article, and its success, should underline how important such collaboration is in terms of impact.”

Is this something we'll see more of?

”Yes definitely. IRIS is now collaborating across ITM boundaries and there are articles in the making as we write.”

Text: Anna Gullers

Facts about the Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Award is to be presented each year to the Journal of Manufacturing Systems paper published in the past seven year with the highest number of citations measured in Scopus over the past five years.