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  • A toolbox for the 4th Industrial Revolution

    Tree resarchers in a lab
    Emmanuel Francalanza from University of Malta, Project manager for Icarus, explains and demonstrates the Mobile Training Unit which has been developed within the Icarus project.
    Published Sep 20, 2022

    Digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) etc, provide new opportunities for the manufacturing industry. But the industry often lacks skills and knowledge whe...

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  • KTH hosts doctoral school within the DimanD project

    researchers with skyline in the background
    Participants in the doctoral school within the project DimanD visiting Stockholm.
    Published Jun 20, 2022

    14 talented young researchers from across Europe participated in a doctoral school named “Challenge driven research for digital manufacturing” in mid June. The Department of Production Engineering arr...

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  • Lihui Wang curates international AI forum

    Parts of the programme at AI for Good.
    Published Jun 07, 2022

    Professor Lihui Wang at the department of Production Engineering will curate a forum for AI and Manufacturing. In a series of webinars, high-profile researchers, practitioners, and politicians will sh...

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  • Adjustable visors with 4D printing method

    Visors in different sizes
    Researchers at KTH suggest a new post-processing method for visors, enabled by closed-loop controlled 4D printing that further can shape the printed visor to any size.
    Published May 17, 2022

    3D printed protective visors are often uncomfortable for the user. With a new printing method – closed loop controlled 4D printing – the visors can be shaped to any customized size to make them more c...

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  • “The industry needs experts in circular manufacturing”

    Published Oct 20, 2021

    Hi Farazee Asif, why has the Department of Production Engineering (IIP) started a new master’s course on Circular Manufacturing Systems (CMS) – a course that you are responsible for?

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  • KTH hosts “the Olympic Games in production engineering”

    Published Sep 13, 2021

    Sweden and KTH will host the CIRP General Assembly – “the Olympic Games in production engineering” in 2025.

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  • “Citation is a sign of quality”

    Portrait of Lihui Wang
    Lihui Wang
    Published Mar 24, 2021

    By spreading your work in the research community, you stay relevant and influence the agenda. The words are Lihui Wang’s, who thinks sharing results is the most effective way to evaluate your own rese...

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  • Vincent Wang wins SME award

    Published Mar 24, 2021

    Vincent Wang’s skilled research and engagement in the manufacturing industry has rendered him the SME 2021 Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award.

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  • Highest citation and best paper for unusual trio

    Published Mar 10, 2021

    Three ITM Professors from two different departments form the team behind JMS Best Paper Award for 2020 – celebrating the highest citations during five years. The cooperation is a little unusual, but i...

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  • Robotic 3D printing that can speed up production

    Fahad Ahmad Khan in front of the robot arm.
    Fahad Ahmad Khan next to the robotic 3D printer.
    Published Feb 10, 2021

    Hi Fahad Ahmad Khan, you have built a 3D printer from scratch that is collaborating with an industrial robot hand. What is robotic 3D printing - compared to “ordinary” 3D printing?

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  • Small exhibition on Manufacturing in Scandinavia at IIP

    Sample illustration from the exhibition.
    Published Oct 15, 2020

    The hall of the IIP department now showacses a series of illustrations depicting the evolution of manufacturing in Scandinavia. You may see a small sample below. The series covers the major innovation...

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  • SPS staff given Best Paper Award

    Published Oct 15, 2020
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  • Professor Lihui Wang wins a Horizon 2020 project

    Published Oct 15, 2020

    Professor Lihui Wang has won a Horizon 2020 project on “Open-Digital-Industrial and Networking pilot lines using modular components for scalable production” (ODIN).

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  • Professor Lihui Wang elected president for NAMRI

    Published Oct 15, 2020
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  • KTH doubles capacity of ventilators

    Published Apr 21, 2020

    With an urge to contribute and with the department's 3D printers, the Department for Production Engineering (IIP) has helped Karolinska Institutet to manufacture components that double the capacity of...

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  • AM-Day in Stockholm

    Published Feb 10, 2020
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  • Antonio Maffei new Associate professor

    Published Oct 11, 2019
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  • Big robots getting ready to work alongside humans

    "From our vision, robots will not replace humans, they will assist us", says Vincent Wang and Lihui Wang at the KTH Department of Production Engineering.
    Published Aug 28, 2019

    The next generation of robots is about to enter the workplace alongside humans. The KTH-led SYMBIO-TIC project presents a smart industrial robot, unleashing a huge potential for the assembly industry.

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  • Canadian Academy of Engineering recognises IIP Professor

    Lihui Wang at 2019 CAE Induction Ceremony in Québec City, Canada
    Published Jul 11, 2019

    On 21 June 2019, Professor Lihui Wang was inducted a new fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering at its 2019 Annual General Meeting and Induction Ceremony held in Québec City, Canada. An importa...

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  • Human-robot collaboration

    Published May 02, 2019

    Robots play important roles in the manufacturing systems of today, but they are far behind humans in terms of adaptability and flexibility. Human-robot collaboration may be the key to success and memb...

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