The MMS (Manufacturing and Metrology Systems) division was purchasing in the last 5 years and is working on the state-of-the-art scientific equipment, machine tools and metrology systems. 

Equipment, tools and metrology systems

  • EBM ARCAM A2X 3D metal printer,
  • Stratasys FDM 400mc for plastic components and a small desktop/hybrid FDM printer,
  • Hermle 5-axis machining centre,
  • ABB robotic arms,
  • Sodic Wire EDM, 
  • waterjet machine, 
  • Zygo NewView7300 White Light Interferometer,
  • Wenzel CMM system,
  • Polytec Scanning Vibrometer,
  • Phenom ProX table-top SEM with EDX system,
  • micro and macro hardness testers from Mitutoyo,
  • Archimedes density measurement kit for AM,
  • HiPIMS multilayer coating system,
  • laser measurement systems,
  • force, and vibration sensors,
  • turning and milling machine tools, and many others.

Open for other departments of KTH

The MMS division works on the principle that scientific equipment can be and should be used not only by departments faculty, but also by other departments staff from KTH, in order to increase internal collaboration and leverage research activities.  

Belongs to: Department of Production Engineering
Last changed: Jun 11, 2020