Precision Engineering, Metrology and Machine Tools (PEM)

Precision is an integral and essential component of social, scientific, mechanical, and intellectual landscapes of the modern world. It is assumed that precision is an inseparable feature of almost everything. Many items are valued by society in daily lives, such as cameras, smartphones, computers, bicycles, cars, sport components, kitchen aids, machine tools, metrology tools and more, that fit together with precision and operate with near perfection. But this assumption of having products manufactured with the high accuracy wouldn’t be possible without significant input of the precision in the manufacturing and metrology systems, and what is coming after - final products. Therefore, precision engineering, metrology and machine tools is one of the target areas of EU research programs and integral part of roadmap of factories of the future, as well as Swedish government’s priority area for R&D.

Today, the strategic research in the Precision Engineering, Metrology and Machine Tools (PEM) team focuses on a wide variety of application areas such as systems and components from aerospace and nuclear industries to electronic, medical and optical parts. PEM objectives are also in the agreement with CIRP STC P group, which deals with research, design, and development of methods, instruments, sensors, transducers and complete metrology systems and application of them to manufactured products and equipment for the efficient control of quality in production processes and manufacturing systems.

The demand for high precision systems is driven by the need to achieve technical, economic and environmental goals. Technical goals are related to:

  1. Improving the mechanical and physical characteristics related to the physical properties of the components;
  2. Improving operational performance and safety of systems and components working in harsh environments;
  3. Integration of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to implement Cyber Physical Systems (CPS).

In the precision engineering, PEM is focused on development of:

  • Functional surfaces manufacturing and metrology (e.g. abrasive or laser surface texturing),
  • Novel multi-layered coatings for machining optimization,
  • Modelling and simulation (e.g. FEM and CFD modelling),
  • Integrated analytics (e.g. advanced signal processing and machine learning).
Belongs to: Department of Production Engineering
Last changed: May 11, 2020