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Production Engineering - Impact

  • A new era for equipment diagnoses

    Two robots with sensors.
    Published Aug 31, 2020

    With built-in smart sensors and data analysis, machine tools and industrial robots will perform self-diagnoses, which is a big step forward towards a more knowledge-driven and sustainable industry.

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  • Big robots getting ready to work alongside humans

    "From our vision, robots will not replace humans, they will assist us", says Vincent Wang and Lihui Wang at the KTH Department of Production Engineering.
    Published Aug 14, 2020

    The next generation of robots is about to enter the workplace alongside humans. The KTH-led SYMBIO-TIC project presents a smart industrial robot, unleashing a huge potential for the assembly industry.

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  • The first components for Plug & Produce

    Photo: Festo
    Published Aug 05, 2020

    Production modules that reduce the installation cost when producing a product – that is something that the Evolvable Production Systems (EPS) has led to. This in turn saves time and reduces errors in ...

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