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Department of Production Engineering

The Department of Production Engineering is the ITM School’s more industrial branch with focus on all aspects that support and enable production.

Units and competence centers


Societal benefits – impact 

Highest citation and best paper for unusual trio

Three ITM Professors from two different departments form the team behind JMS Best Paper Award for 2020 – celebrating the highest citations during five...

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Two robots with sensors.

A new era for equipment diagnoses

With built-in smart sensors and data analysis, machine tools and industrial robots will perform self-diagnoses, which is a big step forward towards a ...

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"From our vision, robots will not replace humans, they will assist us", says Vincent Wang and Lihui Wang at the KTH Department of Production Engineering.

Big robots getting ready to work alongside humans

The next generation of robots is about to enter the workplace alongside humans. The KTH-led SYMBIO-TIC project presents a smart industrial robot, unle...

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